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Why We Love Rustic Home Decor

rustic home decor ideas

We absolutely love rustic home decor and hope you do to. After all who can resist the warm inviting feeling of a home furnished with farmhouse and other types of rustic decor? The cool thing is that with modern country decorating trends, people are able to create a very warm and inviting feeling in any room of their home. This is the main reason we are in love with  primitive decor ideas. So, we decided to begin writing about everything we can find on the subject of rustic home decor.

You know, it really doesn’t matter your age. If you find pleasure in reading about the latest trends in home decorating or if you love to redecorate your house one room at a time, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration in our pages.

One of our favorite topics to write about is how to decorate with photos and especially different picture frame sizes.  After all, who doesn’t have at least a few favorite photos that they could display with a nice picture frame? Did you know that there are nearly thirty different standard picture frame sizes and that number doesn’t include all the custom frame sizes you could have made.

There are so many different types of picture frames that are used for everything from family photos to larger 24×36 frame posters. From modern to gold tone, you can find photo surrounds in every finish imaginable. But, enough about image surrounds for now. Let’s explore a few other important pieces in modern rustic home decor.

Rustic Home Decor

Did you know that it’s easy to decorate using primitive decorating ideas by adding a couple of farmhouse barnwood shelves strategically placed on a wall? We just love the look when you use these shelves to display a piece such as a vintage set of book ends with a few old books. After all, shelving can serve more than one purpose. Not only will it add a decor element to any room you decorate with it, you will also be able to use the shelves for added storage space in the area. Consider adding a couple linen or woven baskets to the shelves to conceal small board games or other small items you want available in the room.

Maybe your idea of rustic decor will include a number of soft throw pillows with a simple script like “FAMILY” or “FARMHOUSE” to tie in with your theme. Our maybe you have a soft blanket that you want to drape over the back of the couch or a comfy chair. No matter how you decide to work on your next rustic decor project we are sure that you are going to find inspiration in our pages.

Decorating with throw rugs is also a great rustic decor element you can add to almost any room. No matter whether you have hardwood or even carpet on your floor, a well sized and placed rug can add a very attractive accent to any space. The added bonus if you have hard floors is the rug adds a softer walking surface while also absorbing noise to help soften echoing sounds in the room.

We hope you are finding a few ideas here that will encourage you to read deeper into our site. We’d also encourage you to check this out if you’d like to learn more about home decor.